1. Kevin Spacey has the TV industry figured out.

    This is brilliant, and absolutely worth your 45 minutes if you’re the least bit interested in television, art, or business.

    Like this post so you can come back later and watch if you have to. Just be sure you watch it.

  3. laughingsquid:

    HBO Is Considering Partnering with ISPs to Bundle HBO GO With Internet Service

    Um, YES.

    Seriously though, $10-15/month looks a lot more reasonable when it’s not added on top of tv package that’s already $40-50 too expensive for the 5 channels you actually watch.

    Now if the NHL could just get over it’s draconian blackout policies  I can FINALLY have TV the way I want it.

    PS - in case there are any NHL officials reading this; I would pay you $300 a season, directly to the NHL, to be able to stream games; but not being able to see my Hurricanes because I live in Raleigh is a complete deal breaker.  Cut out the middle man, or just do it like Toronto.  I’m banging on your door with cash in hand!

  5. blogwell:


    This article was born out of a conversation about “breaking up” with The Office. I stopped watching halfway through last season after really trying to “make the relationship work”. And it felt somehow sad to let it go. I’m also a big fan of Nathan’s illustration for the LOST entry, so I’m including that here too. If you like these, check out the full article to see 7 more.

    Great article from Trapp / Nathan out today! 

  6. thedailywhat:

    Historical History Channel Show of the Day: In a logically consistent move, The History Channel, which in recent years has moved away from reality-based history programs toward fiction-based reality shows, is set to add its first reality-based fiction series — a 10-episode epic drama called Vikings.

    Created by Tudors and Camelot showrunner Michael Hirst and produced by MGM TV, Vikings is expected to premiere in 2013 and will follow the misadventures of Ragnar Lothbrok, the legendary Norse hero of Viking Age sagas.

    History said in a statement that Vikings, much like Spartacus, will feature “imaginatively choreographed battles that emphasize individual points of view, strategies and ruses rather than mindless, graphic slaughter.”

    That’s too bad. But I might still watch.

    [deadline / image: eatliver.]

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  7. There is justice in this world


    ‘Community’ Returns Trailer

    March 15th, 8PM. Save the date.

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  9. Great to see the real beautiful game growing.


    PuckTheMedia says: It was only fitting that a playoff run that delivered record ratings in each round ended with a Game 7 that broke all viewing records for CBC’S HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA. A stunning average audience of 8.76 million Canadians tuned in, making it the most-watched NHL broadcast in CBC history, and second-most watched sports broadcast ever, just behind the 2002 Olympic Men’s Hockey Final between Canada and the USA at 8.96 million.

    The game peaked at 11.2 million viewers at 9:40 p.m. ET with five minutes left in the 2nd period. The game reached a total of 18.45 million Canadians (more than half of the Canadian population), by far the most ever for the Final on CBC.

    Top 5 sports audiences in CBC history*:
    2002 Olympic Men’s Hockey Final, Canada vs. USA: 8.96 million
    2011 Stanley Cup Final, Game 7, Boston vs. Vancouver, 8.76 million
    2011 Stanley Cup Final, Game 6, Vancouver vs. Boston, 6.6 million
    2011 Stanley Cup Final, Game 5, Boston vs. Vancouver, 6.1 million
    2011 Stanley Cup Final, Game 1, Boston vs. Vancouver, 5.6 million

    Game 7 drew 8.54 million viewers on NBC in the U.S., the best for any NHL game in 38 years. These figures add up to the highest North American viewership for any Stanley Cup Final in history averaging a record 18.3 million viewers in the U.S. and Canada.


    1. 5/18/71, Montreal-Chicago – Game 7, 12.41 million, CBS
    2. 5/11/72, Boston-NY Rangers – Game 6, 10.93 million, CBS
    3. 5/10/73, Montreal-Chicago – Game 6, 9.41 million, NBC
    4. 6/15/11, Boston-Vancouver – Game 7, 8.54 million, NBC (Last Night’sGame)
    5. 4/30/72, NY Rangers-Boston – Game 1, 8.51 million, CBS

  10. Either Samsung’s employing some Canes fans, or Amazon’s customer targeting is getting scary good.


  11. rikers-beard:

    Watching TV without the whole Info button thing is the best.

    You actually have to watch whatever it is you’re watching.

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  12. after 3 straight hours of The Chicago Code, I’m sufficiently sold.  Nice to see some new TV drama I can get behind.

    Check it out if you’re remotely interested.  It’s been excellent so far.

  13. Let’s be honest with ourselves.  The History Channel hasn’t had anything to do with educating people about history since they debuted their me-too reality shows.

    Why does reality tv have to ruin everything?


    No, History Channel.  Just no.

    You’re going through with it anyway?

    To hell with you too, then.

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  14. Tumblr is like channel surfing the Internet.