4. Blade Runner (1982)
    Alien (1979)
    2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
    E.T. (1982)
    The Terminator (1984)

    Automatic Blade Runner reblog.

    Also, I might have to move Tom Selleck out of the foyer for this one.


    Five classic Sci-Fi movie posters sure to bring out the true geeky nature within your home. Each were created by artist Dean Walton and sold at his store.

    Limited edition run of 100 prints (signed and numbered).

    Film and Culture Inspired Posters by Dean Walton (Store) (Twitter)

    Via: mrshabba | Super Punch

    (via geekleetist)

  5. This would look splendid in my foyer with a gilded frame.



    Magnum PI | Sean Phillips

    •geekleetist: AHHHHHHH…the stash it’s overwhelming•

  6. justinrampage:

    Historical President Teddy Roosevelt battles it out with the folklore beast known as Bigfoot! Another amazing mash up by artist Jason Heuser.

    Buy an 11” x 17” print of this killer artwork at his Etsy store.

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    Teddy Roosevelt VS. Bigfoot by Jason Heuser / SharpWriter (CGHUB)

  7. This used to be my wallpaper in college.  Brandon Bird is a genius.


    Abraham Lincoln Kicks Some Ass In “King of the Cage” by Brandon Bird

  8. fuckyeahhockey:

    Acrylic on hardboard.

  10. thedailywhat:

    Office / Star Wars Fan Art of the Day:The Office Strikes Back” by Jason Sly.

    Jason says:

    Started off as a more direct Empire Strikes Back spoof, with a Star Wars-style “The Office Strikes Back” title graphic and everything. But it sorta grew into its own thing and I dropped the title and strict adherence to the Empire poster.

    More info + process images here.