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    Relaxed & Creative Regions of America

    The psychological profile of this region is marked by low Extraversion and Agreeableness, very low Neuroticism, and very high Openness… In general, the qualities of this region depict a place where open-mindedness, tolerance, individualism, and happiness are valued.

    Article and more maps: There Are Three Americas Hiding Inside Our Country - Which Do You Live In?

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    Proud of my NC!

    (Nice to be able to say that for once this year)

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    Aerial view of tugboats maneuvering the Battleship USS North Carolina into its berthing place on the Cape Fear River, across from the Federal Court House in Wilmington, N.C., October 2, 1961. Photo by Hugh Morton.


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    “I wanna say just a few words about North Carolina—my home state—possibly the finest state in this entire union. We got industry of all kinds—pretty county, raise corn, cotton, tobacco, peaches, peanuts, all like that. Got colleges all over the state—fine quality, pretty girls, and run off the finest white lightning made anywhere.
              — Andy Griffith

  5. Spent many a happy hour right here


    Bouge Inlet Pier, Emerald Isle, NC
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  6. Great post.  Would only be better if it showed the Starter Charlotte Hornets Track Suit that I rocked as a wee boy…


    Had to laugh at The Triangle Blog’ s article, Charlotte Hornets Starter Jackets: An Appreciation over at Grantland. For someone who fits this demo it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the nostalgia and (the feeling of wanting to go out to the garage and start looking for some of this stuff).

    It was exceptional to be a sports-obsessed child of the ’90s (ages 3 to 13) for 10 main reasons:

    1. Sports Illustrated for Kids 2. NBA Inside Stuff 3. D2: The Mighty Ducks 4. Ken Griffey Jr. 5. The naive belief that you had the only Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card 6. Matt Christopher books 7. Space Jam 8. Jordan Highlight VHS box sets 9. MTV Rock ‘N’ Jock Basketball (Dan Cortese, I SEE you). 10. Starter jackets

    Oh, and I think it’s worth noting that some of us actually have a Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card, check that, two of ‘em!

  7. From Def Sheppard’s excellent post against my beloved state of NC’s proposed ban on gay-marriage.

  8. Cheerwine Float FTW

  9. Please!  

    This has been going on in Raleigh for years now.  Although I prefer deep fried pecan pie when all is said an done.


    Fried Fair Fare of the Day: Come on down to the Iowa State Fair, where the latest fried fad is a stick of battered butter, deep-fried and glazed.

    On second thought, stay as far away from the Iowa State Fair as geography will allow.


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  10. Wishing I was there


    Atlantic Beach, 1950s


  11. clutchlog:



    N.C. Man Allegedly Robs Bank for $1 to Get Health Care in Jail - ABC News

    A 59-year-old man has been jailed in Gastonia, N.C., on charges of larceny after allegedly robbing an RBC Bank for $1 so he could get health care in prison. Richard James Verone handed a…

    Yeah. Sometimes, we just have to do it like that. But you have to hand it to the man for keeping it moderately classy.

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  12. Should’a bilt more…


    Snake pit

    Starring: Dodge Viper

    (by Andy Stacy)

  13. in-north-carolina:

    Jockey’s Ridge: the tallest natural sand dune on the East Coast.


  14. in-north-carolina:

    “Manteo” The Love Language



    Lexington-style/Western-style barbecue: pork shoulder, red slaw, tomato and vinegar sauce.