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    golf in vulcanic scenery

         @ Salobre Sheraton Golf Course, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

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  2. thetickr:

    Bill Murray is sporting a pretty amazing mustache this week at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.


  3. New Program Launched to Address the Age-old Problem of Slow Play


    Golfers frustrated by slow play can now do something to help improve pace-of-play by adopting and sharing Play 240 GOLF™ etiquette fundamentals. The program is designed to educate golfers how to play and complete a round of golf in 240 minutes (4 hours) on most golf courses.

    Steve Aronson, an avid golfer, came up with the idea for Play 240 GOLF after being paired with a notoriously slow golfer on consecutive days in a club tournament. Aronson shared his experience; “It was extremely frustrating watching the prolonged pre-shot routine time and time again over 36 holes. I wanted to tell the guy he was slow but realized after a couple of subtle comments he was not going to pick-up the pace no matter what I said.” Aronson went on, “There had to be a way to let this guy know and others like him how to play golf at an acceptable pace. I realized telling someone they are slow was not the answer. They don’t believe it to begin with and even if they did accept the fact it does not help them play any faster.”

    The heart of the program is a list of 10 golf etiquette fundamentals (click here) that can be shared among golfers. The first fundamental according to Aronson is the most important and simply states “Be Ready to Play When It Is Your Turn.” Aronson explained, “Golfers that are not ready to play when it is their turn is the single biggest reason for slow play. Most of the remaining rules address all of the bad habits many golfers have that cause them to not be ready.”

    One of the bad habits 240 GOLF addresses for example is many golfers take their golf glove off after the tee shot then wait until it is their turn for the approach shot to replace it. Fundamental #2 simply states: “Put your golf glove on BEFORE your turn, not during your turn.” This bad habit by itself may not be a big issue. When you combine it with one or more of other bad habits such as multiple practice swings, or not having selected a club to use, the time it takes to complete a shot is way too long.

    Aronson decided an education program all golfers could share was needed to teach slow golfers how to be ready to play their shot in a reasonable time. After careful study and much research the 10 rules were written. Once written it became clear the rules are simply nothing more than good golf etiquette fundamentals. No different than not stepping on playing partners putting line. Aronson explained it, “most golfers readily adopt etiquette rules when learning the game. And when they are alerted to an etiquette infraction they usually respond. It seemed logical to simply consider pace-of-play rules as good golf etiquette.”

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    First World Problems

    …but actually pretty useful.

    And classy.

  4. I need a little more of this before the summer is over


    Summer ‘12.

  5. bunkershotgolf:

    Check out the Rickie Fowler fans at the Korean Open, Rickie is currently in first place! @pumagolf

  6. thetickr:

    In the biggest breakup news since JLo and Marc Anthony, Tiger Woods announced Wednesday on his website that he will no longer be working with caddie Steve Williams.

    “I want to express my deepest gratitude to Stevie for all his help, but I think it’s time for a change,” Woods said. “Stevie is an outstanding caddie and a friend and has been instrumental in many of my accomplishments. I wish him great success in the future.”

    The saga continues…


  7. Chris Berman isn’t mellow enough to announce golf.

    Speaking of golf, I’d love to see John Bohener’s twosome with Barack Obama this weekend.

  8. I’ve always wanted a KJ Choi T-Shirt.

  9. The Masters is the perfect way to welcome the warmth of springtime

  10. Close up of the 84 yard tee shot.

  11. Tee shot from 84 yards at 401 Par Golf on 8/9/2010 for easy birdie.

    My best shot yet!


  12. I could use a few recommendations for golf courses (affordable or worth the money) in the triangle area. Ideas?


  13. I’m watching the Ford Wayne Gretzky Golf classic, and just enjoyed the great one himself give a very ‘hockey tempo’ interview on his wife’s stellar level of competitiveness, and the charities he’s been working with recently. What a treat! Wayne is the kind of guy every man should aspire to be more like.


  14. 1. Tiger Woods
    One of the most anticipated returns in the history of sports, Tiger Woods makes his return this week to golf. His game may not be in top form but the face of golf is back and all eyes will be focused on the world’s number one golfer. Tiger hasn’t won at Augusta since ‘05 but he…