1. First Covers of 17 Iconic Magazines



    The very first covers of 17 magazines

    These are pretty phenomenal

  2. Oh my!




    1930 Art Deco Henderson

    “It’s a 1930 Henderson that was customized before WW2 by a fellow called O. Ray Courtney and fitted with ‘streamliner’ bodywork. The art deco influence is obvious; legendary automotive designer Harley Earl could have drawn those curves. It’s all the more unusual because the mechanicals are hidden: even at the height of the Art Deco movement, most motorcycles were a triumph of form over function, with exposed cooling fins, brake drums and suspension springs. The bike is owned by collector Frank Westfall of Syracuse. It caused a stir in June 2010 when it appeared at the Rhinebeck Grand National Meet, a motorcycle show held a couple of hours drive north of NYC. Grail Mortillaro (of the chopper blog Knucklebusterinc) had a camera to hand, so we have him to thank for these images.”

    Text/photos via CoolHunter.net. Additional photos via Google Image Search.

    I want to make love to this.

    So smart!

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  3. Neil is a Master

    Wouldn’t mind owning this bust


    Garrus Vakarian, Mass Effect’s bad ass Turian, looks mind blowing in artist / sculptor Neil Tambini’s new creation. He was commissioned by Crabcat Industries to build this mask for BioWare. I think he NAILED it!

    Garrus Sculpture by Neil Tambini (Portfolio) (Facebook)

    Via: crabcat | pr1ps

  4. Good decision


    First the Marlins, now the Jays? Uni Watch has confirmed that the Blue Jays are taking it back to the old school (sort of) with a new logo for the 2012 season. Can’t wait to see the uni’s.

  5. justinrampage:

    To celebrate the release of Nike’s new MAG sneaker worn by Marty McFly, they released 4 great posters on their Nike Back 4 The Future twitter account.

    They still have bidding going on through eBay.

    Back to the Future / Nike Posters by Back 4 The Future (Twitter)

    Via: Doobybrain

  6. justinrampage:

    32nd President Franklin D. Roosevelt is back, in rad mech form, to get the United States in order once again. Check out Jason Heuser’s amazing illustration full size to see all of the fun extras / memes added throughout.

    You can also grab up this brilliant artwork as a print at his Etsy Store.

    FDR Battle Master by Jason Heuser (Etsy) (CGHUB) (Twitter)

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  8. Looks like Lincoln is about to get a much needed overhaul.  I can’t wait to see what they look like!

  9. Finally, marketers understand my unique interests!

    Seriously, go to bowlingthunder.org.  What a sick website logo.


  10. Celebrate his life and works by checking out this Gizmodo article. The link to his Flickr kept me entertained for hours. Serious Lego chops.

  11. Ocean levels are rising around the globe, so rather than tethering our buildings to the sinking shoreline why not suit them for a life at sea? That’s the approach behind the Water-Scraper, a futuristic self-sufficient floating city.

    via inhabitat

  12. tayloransley:

    Slashfood: Heinz Ketchup Packets Get a Makeover

    At the end of the day, it’s just a ketchup packet.  But this redesign is so long-overdue and such a seemingly huge improvement over the old that it might be worth celebrating.

    (Obligatory nod to the fact that disposable ketchup packets aren’t ideal from an environmental perspective.)